TimeSloth offers pricing that doesn't drive you up the palm tree. Depending on your yearly visitor count you pay a package price for the whole product suite. It's really that easy.

Slothy sits on a palm tree and points their thumb up

Up to 5,000 visitors per year TimeSloth costs € 87 per month.
+ 3% fee on ticket sales in TimeSloth Shop

One price – all features

Skip the cumbersome search in complicated pricing tables. TimeSloth pricing is only based on your actual visitor count. You always get the full set of features, regardless of whether you have 5,000 or 50,000 yearly visitors.

All features
TimeSloth calendar with a lot of dates
  • Management in realtime calendar

  • Daily, weekly and monthly view

  • Parallel collaboration

  • Role-based permissions

  • Up to 100 internal users

  • Short employee training period

  • Manual bookings in Manager

  • Flat rate pricing for bookings

  • Exclusive dates for single bookings

  • Define guides for dates

  • Printable info and participant lists

  • Markdown format for text

  • Timezone support

  • Expressive booking statistics

  • Automatic ticket emails

  • Apple Wallet support

  • Family and group tickets

  • Custom form fields

  • Send calendar invites to your customers

  • Simple and fast payment integration

  • Built-in reverse transactions

  • Automatic Billing

  • Widely customizable shop

  • Integrate in every website

  • Mobile-optimized presentation

  • Included ticket scan app

  • Free software updates

  • Continuous improvement

  • Full cost control

  • And more…

Versatile applications

Sell tickets for hourly tours of your company. Accept reservations for daily city tours. Stay on top of weekly events in your business venue. TimeSloth is the perfect solution for managing visitor flows in various areas – from tourism, culture and sport to marketing and industry.

Test without obligation

Don't buy a sloth in a poke – request a 14 day test account and get an idea of all features. Find out how to integrate TimeSloth flawlessly into your business processes!

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Frequently asked questions

What is my commitment with TimeSloth?

The above packages run for 6 or 12 months. When choosing a 6 month package, the yearly visitor count is simply cut in half, the rest stays the same. The cancellation period is one month.

Can I get a free trial of TimeSloth?

Sure, you can test the whole product suite free of charge for 14 days without constraints. Just provide a contact person and an email address – no credit card required.

What happens after my 14-day trial?

You will be contacted by sales. If you like TimeSloth, you can continue to use your trial account instantly as a regular TimeSloth account – as if nothing happened.

What if I paid too little or too much?

In case you go above the limits of your package, you climb – um, switch to the next tier for the current payment period. In case you go below your package, you get a discount towards your next payments.

How to payments in the Shop work?

TimeSloth collaborates closely with a European payment provider with whom you get a dedicated user account. This way, setting up Shop payments is simple and secure and your money always stays with you.

What if I have other questions?

TimeSloth support takes care of your concerns via email or phone and makes sure that the product suite always offers the best possible value for your enterprise.