TimeSloth is your carefully assorted toolbox for efficiently managing visitor flows.

Slothy sits next to a toolbox and holds a screwdriver

Stay on top of things

In a familiar calendar view you can always see at a glance how many people signed up for a date, which bookings are already paid and which events are fully booked. It does not matter whether the bookings were made via the online shop, via phone or in person – TimeSloth Manager funnels them all together.

Booking system à la carte

The whole TimeSloth line of products can be configured using simple building blocks. Instead of creating every single date individually, you can create templates for your events. Simply define rules to specify on which dates and times they should happen and lean back.

The TimeSloth calender with a settings dialog on top

Book simply

In the user-friendly TimeSloth Shop your customers can see instantly on which days they can book your event and how many spots are free for the respective dates. The different prices – e.g. for adults, children, families or groups – are managed via centralized pricing categories.

Date selection in Shop with free and booked out dates

Always stay up to date

Your customers receive their tickets simply via email and will be informed automatically of date changes and cancellations. See reservations and purchases in real time directly at the respective date in TimeSloth Manager. In a neatly arranged list you can view and search bookings as well as move or cancel them.

A list with multiple bookings and a detail dialog on top

Better – statistically speaking

You can see directly in TimeSloth Manager, how many monthly tickets have been reserved or sold and which events are the most popular. Thanks to the included data interface you can also create your own analytics as well as cross reference your data to see trends.

Payments – convenient and safe

In TimeSloth Shop your customers have an abundance of payment options: Credit Card, PayPal, SOFORT, EPS, Giropay, Apple Pay, and more. Due to the independent payment integration you have full control over cost and are always able to access your money.

Payments are currently only supported within the EU. Contact us if you are interested in payments in other countries. All other features of TimeSloth are of course available worldwide!

The TimeSloth Logo with several payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, EPS, PayPal, SOFORT and Apple Pay

Ticket scan via smartphone

The TimeSloth Scan App for iOS and Android turns every smartphone or tablet into a lightning fast scanner. Scan your customers' tickets directly on their mobile device or on print, mark bookings as paid at the cashier desk and redeem tickets at the entrance – all from within the app.

Booking solution for every website

Integrate TimeSloth Shop with little effort in every existing website. It does not matter if it runs on WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, Jimdo or any other technology. Just paste the readily available HTML snippet into your site – the configurable shop plugin does the rest.

From sloth to chameleon

When it comes to your corporate identity, TimeSloth takes the back seat. Customize the shop interface as well as the mobile and print tickets with the colors and the logo of your company. Use thumbnails and banner images side by side with formatted text content to make for an attractive presentation of your content.

Test TimeSloth without commitment

You can test the whole product suite free of charge for 14 days without constraints. Not yet convinced? Just keep on reading.

Contact sales

  • User roles

    TimeSloth Manager supports comprehensive user roles for different areas of responsibility.

  • Holidays and notes

    Create holidays to lock days for bookings or write down information for your employees in the calendar.

  • Guide calendar

    Define guides for your dates. They will have a simple overview of their tours in the Manager.

  • Multi-language

    All content is available in English and German by default. Contact us to request additional languages.

  • Data security

    Protecting your data is a top priority at TimeSloth. Communication is of course encrypted via 256 bit SSL on all levels.

  • GDPR compliant

    TimeSloth fully complies with the European data protection regulation. Your data and the data of your customers will never be shared.

  • Cloud technology

    TimeSloth runs completely within the European Union and guarantees high availability even at high load.

  • Backups

    TimeSloth stores your data in distributed data centers and backups it hourly.